Supporting Executives & Teams in the New Era

With a track record in enabling behavioural change through Coaching & Training in a wide range of sectors, Ian Walker and his team have had exposure to a variety of market conditions, business environments & attitudes to investing in people.


Bespoke Coaching/Training

Prior to joining CPDWORKS our trainers rose through junior, middle & senior management roles with household names in Retail, Energy, Manufacturing and Professional Services internationally. We like operating at the sharp end, where the action happens.

Our coaches are also Professional Certified Coaches by the International Coaching Federation, Accredited Belbin Team Role Facilitators and Accredited Lencioni Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team Facilitators.

With a deep understanding of the theory and practice of building high performing teams, our trainers are intuitive professionals who know when to support and when to challenge. Building confidence, sharing experience, listening and enabling others to realise their full potential and achieve exceptional results in the context in which they operate.

Building Cohesive Teams

Developing Team Leaders

Coaching for Growth

Facilitating Change

Operating Internationally

What does “Collaborative Professional Development Works” mean?

A deep trust and psychological safety create the essential foundations for any sustainable professional development.

A Collaborative Coaching Approach to learning and development enables change to come from within individuals and teams.



“Collaborative” in this context means working with others to clarify each party’s desired outcomes and expectations.


“Professional” means working to the highest available standards and being open to innovation.


“Development” means tailoring the optimum approach to enable individuals and teams to fulfil their potential.


“Works” refers to the demonstrable achievement of results using a combination of credentialed coaches and facilitators, validated diagnostic tools and qualitative client feedback.