Operating Internationally

Our team headquarters is in the UK and we have years of experience delivering workshops and coaching in workplaces around the world and Virtually’ via online platforms.

We have a multi-lingual capability and extensive experience working with distributed teams across Europe, the USA and Asia. This requires high levels of respect and cultural awareness to build trust and effectiveness.                                                                    

We have specialist experience supporting leaders and teams in achieving higher levels of efficiency and keeping people from harm in high hazard environments.  For example in Mining, Oil & Gas including production units in remote desert locations and on offshore oil rigs.  

“In all my 11 years at Harrowells this has been the most valueable investment in people that I have experienced.”

“The quality of Ian’s work and his professional approach has made all the difference to our business and we recommend him to anyway with the ambition to grow their business and increase their profitability.”

“Coaching was the initial mechanism to open up the conversations we needed to have. Once we created those conditions we could tackle the human factors.”