Facilitating Change


It’s often said that most people are averse to change. However, if that’s the case, how has humankind developed exponentially on this earth compared to other living beings?

Perhaps a better phrase is that ‘people are averse to unwanted change’. Sometimes we all experience that, frankly it’s a shock and it’s natural to react instinctively in a Fight, Freeze or Flight mode.

Humans have the innate need and ability to search for meaning and purpose, unlike animals. Similarly, we have the gift of highly developed languages to communicate and co-operate with others to choose our response to unwanted change and consider the change we do want.

Changing our mindsets, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs is not easy on our own. Helping others to do so is yet more challenging. Some believe it’s impossible.

We know that the art and science of facilitating change is now more highly developed than ever and we are energised by helping people to shape their own journey rather than feeling stuck or limited by their current circumstances. If you are prepared to take your first step in the direction of change that you want, contact us and we can arrange an initial exploratory conversation with no obligation. 


“In all my 11 years at Harrowells this has been the most valueable investment in people that I have experienced.”

“The quality of Ian’s work and his professional approach has made all the difference to our business and we recommend him to anyway with the ambition to grow their business and increase their profitability.”

“Coaching was the initial mechanism to open up the conversations we needed to have. Once we created those conditions we could tackle the human factors.”