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Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert “Ian has been a mentor and coach to me for the past few years, his supportive approach is balanced with an uncanny ability to challenge you when needed to ensure you get results. I have previously also hired Ian to deliver workshops on client development which were highly successful.”

Adam McGilvery Director AJM Consulting

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Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling offers the opportunity to gain valuable insights into our own personality traits, consider our strengths and identify areas for improvement more objectively.

Equally we can learn to pay more attention to others' traits and behaviours so that we build rapport much more quickly and avoid feeling frustrated when wires seem to be crossed!


√ Psychometric Profiles help to create a basis for reflection and discovery

√ Team audits identify missing skills and increase effective co-operation

√ Modular learning programmes combining workshops with small group coaching increase behavioural flexibility and personal effectiveness


Our Coaches are Thomas International, Myers Briggs and Belbin Team Role Accredited Practitioners. A few questions to consider:

  • What motivates the person to perform? 
  • How do they manage their time, resources & people? 
  • How do they view personal and professional relationships?
  • What are this person's professional strengths?
  • Do their strengths match the job role?
  • Which limitations will impact on their ability to be successful?
  • Will this person be successful in a role that is technical, quality and standards focussed?
  • Can this person work with and through people?
  • Will this candidate excel in a management role?
  • How much detailed work does this candidate prefer
    to handle?

Ask us about doing any of these online:

Belbin Team Roles

Thomas International DISC Profile

Myer Briggs

Thomas International Emotional Intelligence 


Service Delivery:
psychometric, online tool.


  1. Assessing
         Leadership potential,  Emotional
         Expression & Control


  • How Emotionally Intelligent is this person

  • How aware is this person of their strengths and

  • To what level does this person modify their
    behaviour to suit changing situations?

  • How does this person react to pressure?

  • Can they control their impulses when under stress?

  • How sensitive is this person to other people's

  • Do they excel at developing relationships?

  • How adaptable is this person?