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I think there are benefits in working with Ian across the board at general manager level and also at junior management level take for instance on the Commercial Management side a much more professional and focussed approach to Commercial Management. Of course that’s where Ian’s strengths are and we would expect that, but in terms of specifics, conscious of the pricing decision and making sure that you have regular pricing reviews, annual pricing reviews and selling the reasons for increasing prices. Our commercial people are much more articulate in putting that message over to our clients and our customers thanks to CPDWORKS.

M Price, Chief Executive, Bathgate Group Ltd

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International Service

Do we understand each other?

Taking a bird's eye view, people look and sound rather similar across the globe. Yet the diversity of culture and language we see and hear around our world has interested and challenged people over the centuries, leading to greater understanding or sadly, to conflict.

 In the European Union alone we operate with twenty- three "official ", working languages and many more dialects in a relatively small geographical area. Even when we're speaking the same language we interpret different shades of meaning depending on where we come from, and what we see hear and feel!

So when CPDWORKS provides support for international organisations we take nothing for granted and we employ experienced Coaches who understand cross cultural co-operation, have lived and worked in several countries and have a proven track record in bringing people and ideas together.

Our International Team has worked with multi-national Oil & Gas companies both onshore and offshore, European Community Institutions and investors in overseas manufacturing and services.

English is often the chosen language for multi-nationals but that's often where the fun begins...


Are you an inspiring Leader?

It is our belief that everyone has the potential to inspire others and to be inspired. 

CPDWORKS has delivered a number of very successful programmes to nurture and develop leadership skills in several important technical fields. These include workforce engagement programmes in complex organisations and high hazard environments such as international Oil & Gas and recovery in the UK National Health Service.