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I think there are benefits in working with Ian across the board at general manager level and also at junior management level take for instance on the Commercial Management side a much more professional and focussed approach to Commercial Management. Of course that’s where Ian’s strengths are and we would expect that, but in terms of specifics, conscious of the pricing decision and making sure that you have regular pricing reviews, annual pricing reviews and selling the reasons for increasing prices. Our commercial people are much more articulate in putting that message over to our clients and our customers thanks to CPDWORKS.

M Price, Chief Executive, Bathgate Group Ltd

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Business Development Programmes

We're pragmatic about Business Development and know that some of the newer Marketing channels such as Online Social Networking don't sit comfortably with all professional firms.

Actually, some of the older principles are still the best: you can't beat word of mouth referrals for example. It's just that firms don't always get round to nurturing valuable relationships which lead to the best referrals and don't make sure that they measure the results of their investment of time. So why's that?

If Business Development doesn't come naturally or simply seems to be impossible to predict, it's understandable that your focus turns back to your other areas of expertise.


√  By benchmarking your organisation against your peers and learning why clients will choose you rather than your competitors you will identify the best strategies and discover how to stand out from the crowd.

When there is little to choose between price and expertise, it's people who make the difference.

√  We show you effective techniques to systematically develop more work from your existing clients and attract new ones by developing and leveraging real competitive advantages. Hard sell is not required and definitely not an option!


By working with you in-house, we help you to identify profitable opportunities and work on developing relationships with specific targets, during the programme. Our coaching is honest, supportive and straight to the point. It is backed by years of experience of professional firms, giving you the confidence to gain new perspectives and take practical action.