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Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity I have attended Ian’s very well run and extremely useful coaching seminars. Ian is a consummate facilitator who finds it easy to connect with people. This quickly adds value in a business context, as he knows which questions to ask and which techniques to use to enable individuals or groups realise what they may need to do differently.

Fiona Talbot

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About us

After several years of delivering successful change programmes in a wide range of business to business fields, we chose to focus specifically on supporting professionals operating in the demanding legal and financial sectors.

It makes sense as each of us has personally experienced the pressures in these sectors. We understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships with influential referrers of work as much as clients themselves and doing so in a manner that is comfortable for all parties.

When there's little to choose between expertise and fees in the marketplace, it's the chemistry between people that makes the difference.

We know that you'll only work with us if it feels right, so we put a great emphasis on understanding your specific needs before we start any programme.

We're happy to meet over a coffee or explore your needs in more detail at your place or ours.

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